The atrium is an all-weather, glass-walled plaza with trees and flowers.
Come rest in the atrium to relieve your tired feet from walking around Goryokaku.
Take time and relax in a green environment under the sun.

Various events are held in the atrium throughout the year.

Atrium Events (Japanese only)

  • Visitor's route
  • Tower Ticket Desk
  • Gift shop on the first level
  • Statue of Ayasaburo Takeda
  • Statue of Takeaki Enomoto
  • Bronze statue of Toshizo Hijikata
  • Hakodate when Goryokaku was built.
  • Food and beverages
  • Cafe (Food & Drink 107)
  • Soft-served ice cream
  • Coin-op lockers
  • Pay phone
  • Elevator
  • Men’s restroom
  • Women’s restroom
  • Multipurpose restroom
  • Nursing room

Food & Drink 107

Food & Drink 107 Food & Drink 107 Food & Drink 107 Food & Drink 107

There is Food & Drink 107 inside the atrium. Its popular menu is freshly baked gipfels. Gipfels mean mountaintop and the highest summit in German. In Switzerland, gipfels are widely known as croissants.

Food & Drink 107 offers butter gipfels, anko gipfels, chocolate croissants, and many other breads. All the breads are baked fresh in the oven inside the cafe for visitors to enjoy freshly baked goods. The cafe also offers tasty soft-served ice cream made using local ingredients, Yamakawa Milk, coffee drinks, soft drinks, and much more. Please check the menu for the cafe inside the atrium.

Goryokaku Tower is a smoke-free facility.

Pets are not allowed. (Guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing assistance dogs are allowed.)