2F <span>Observation Deck</span>

2F Observation Deck (90 meters above the ground)
Exhibition space: Goryokaku Historic Corridor

The observation deck offers spectacular views of the national historic site Goryokaku.
There is also an exhibition space called Goryokaku Historic Corridor where visitors can learn about the history of Goryokaku.

Floor map
  • Visitor's route
  • Exhibition space: Goryokaku Historic Corridor
  • Reconstructed model of Goryokaku
  • Touchable model
  • Goryokaku Guide (Computer information search)
  • Bronze statue of Toshizo Hijikata
  • Elevator
  • Men’s restroom
  • Women’s restroom
Goryokaku Historic Corridor brochure

We have brochures that describe the history of Goryokaku and sixteen dioramas inside the Goryokaku Historic Corridor. Please feel free to take one.

Please use the elevator from the first level of the observation deck to exit the tower. (Elevator is not accessible from the second level of the observation deck.)
*Please feel free to ask our staff if you need assistance. We will take you to a desired floor by elevator.
*Please note that once you exit the observation deck, you cannot re-enter the observation deck.

Goryokaku Tower is a smoke-free facility.

Pets are not allowed. (Guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing assistance dogs are allowed.)