1F <span>Observation Deck</span>

1F Observation Deck (86 meters above the ground)

Visitors can relax and enjoy the superb view of star-shaped Goryokaku on this floor.
The site also has an Observation Gift Shop offering original items and a cafe stand to enjoy shopping.

Floor map
  • Visitor's route
  • See-Through Floor
  • Bastion forts around the world
  • Observation gift shop
  • Cafe
  • Soft-served ice cream
  • Computer Palm Reading
  • Elevator

Please use the elevator from the first level of the observation deck to exit the tower. (Elevator is not accessible from the second level of the observation deck.)
*Please feel free to ask our staff if you need assistance. We will take you to a desired floor by elevator.
*Please note that once you exit the observation deck, you cannot re-enter the observation deck.

Goryokaku Tower is a smoke-free facility.

Pets are not allowed. (Guide dogs, assistance dogs, and hearing assistance dogs are allowed.)